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9 Ways To Tell Yourself Everything Will be Fine

Exhibition at APT Gallery, 6-10 September 2017

Featuring new works by Goldsmiths MFA artists Beverley Gadsden, Stefanie Gerstmayr, Sam Greer and Kate Howard.

The exhibition's title mimics the language of listicles found on websites such as Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed that vie for attention by offering individualised acts of self-care that work to immediately but temporarily alleviate collective dread caused by larger political and environmental realities.

The works on view push the extent to which signifiers of comfort can produce genuine feelings of wellbeing. At the same time, recognitions of the staged or mundane expose an underlying artifice, questioning the viability of self-care as a worthwhile coping mechanism. The exhibition closes with a staged birthday party performance that further tests themes of artifice, the generic, seduction and comfort.

This exhibition forms part of the Goldsmiths University of London MFA Curating Professional Practice Placement at A.P.T Gallery. Supported by Goldsmiths and Art in Perpetuity Trust.


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