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Phantom Limb

Exhibition at Cody Dock, 1-18 November 2018

Phantom Limb is an exhibition centering the practices of Korean diaspora artists Na Mira, Jette Hye Jin Mortensen, Joan Oh, TJ Shin and Zadie Xa.


Korean diaspora identity straddles multiple geographies, with one leg in a host country and another phantom limb reaching towards Korea. Phantom Limb brings together five artists to expand and re-contextualize what it means to self-identify as Korean within a Western context. Through immersive installation, video, sculpture, and a program of events, the artists work to build a lexicon of Korean diaspora imagery. Cody Dock’s unique architecture and location on the River Lea intertwines with the themes of movement, fluidity and ungroundedness found within the works.

Phantom Limb is curated by Katie Yook and Kathy Cho in partnership with Cody Dock and is the culmination of a year-long program of events across London. The exhibition is supported by Arts Council England, Danish Arts Foundation, Goldsmiths Alumni and Friends Fund and MODE Award.

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