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Graphic Design by Jinu Hong. On-screen Keyboard typeface by Nicholas Weltyk


Exhibition at AHL Foundation, 1 September - 10 October 2022

Sensoria presents the practices of adopted Korean artists Se Young Au, Jette Hye Jin Mortensen and KimSu Theiler. 


The exhibition aims to bring to the forefront a group of an estimated 200,000 children adopted from Korea between the end of the Korean War until the mid 2000s.


The exhibition’s title refers to the complex set of stimuli that make up one’s perception of the world. Spanning video, sound, drawing and installation, the exhibition is themed around the artists’ use of non-visual senses, such as sound, scent, narrative and digital technologies to explore complex and abstract ideas of transnationality, memory, fluidity and community. 

AHL Foundation is committed to a developing cross-cultural and generational Korean contemporary art community in the United States. The exhibition is generously supported by the Korean Overseas Foundation.


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