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KATIE YOOK is a curator interested in nurturing new collaborations and supporting multi-media, research-driven practices with contemporary artists. 

Katie has organized exhibitions, workshops, and performances at AHL Foundation, The Yard Theatre, Cody Dock, Lewisham Arthouse, Cubitt Gallery, Arts in Perpetuity Trust, Res., ICA London, and EnclaveLab and has contributed writing to Agora Digital Art, this is tomorrow, ICA London and the Goldsmiths MA Digital Culture Degree Show Catalogue.

She received an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths, University of London and BA in Contemporary Art from New York University and has held curatorial and fundraising positions at AHL Foundation, Tate, Archaeology of the Final Decade, Creative Time and Art in General.


09/2022           Sensoria @ AHL Foundation, NY

05/2019            waking up from cryosleep @ Rye Wax, London

02/2019            Lunar New Year Party @ The Yard Theatre, London

11/2018              Phantom Limb @ Cody Dock, London

11/2018              syntax error, Lewisham Arthouse, London

07/2018  , Goldsmiths, London

03/2018            568 rows 18 columns @ Cubitt Gallery, London

09/2017            9 Ways To Tell Yourself Everything Will Be Fine @ APT Gallery, London

07/2017            Electronic Civil Disobedience: Screenings of Video Art 1993 - 2017 @ Res., London

05/2017           We’re All Involved In This Mess, EnclaveLab, London


11/2018             International Showcasing - Viewfinder, Videoclub, Curatorial Visit to S. Korea


05/2022         Biophobia Symposium, Cornell University, Ithaca

03/2021          Alice Scope: Speculative Futures, Agora Digital Art, London

12/2020          Lilia Ziamou: Digital Bodies as Narratives, Agora Digital Art, London

09/2020         Elif Eda: Can Digital Arts Make You Fall In Love?, Agora Digital Art, London

06/2018          'Here'...'There' / East & Southeast Asian Diasporic Art, Central Saint Martins, London


2021                  Interview in Imaging Migration in Post-war Britain, Routledge, London (forthcoming)

03/2021          "Alice Scope: Curating Speculative Futures", Agora Digital Art, London

12/2020          "Lilia Ziamou Creates Fragmented Bodies by Scanning Human Bones", Agora Digital Art, London

09/2020         "Ellie Niblock​ and ​Alaa Tarabzouni: Digital Art Across Borders", Agora Digital Art, London

09/2020        "Elif Eda: Can Digital Arts Help You Fall in Love?", Agora Digital Art, London

12/2018          "Highlights of the Gwangju and Busan Biennials, videoclub, London

01/2018          "They Are Here: 40 Temps, 8 Days", this is tomorrow, London

12/2017          "Collective Body", ICA, London

07/2017         "Out of Our Hands", MA Digital Culture Degree Show Catalogue, Goldsmiths, London

04/2017         "Technologies in Times of Turmoil", ICA, London

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