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09/2022           Sensoria @ AHL Foundation, NY

05/2019            waking up from cryosleep @ Rye Wax, London

02/2019            Lunar New Year Party @ The Yard Theatre, London

11/2018              Phantom Limb @ Cody Dock, London

11/2018              syntax error, Lewisham Arthouse, London

07/2018  , Goldsmiths, London

03/2018            568 rows 18 columns @ Cubitt Gallery, London

09/2017            9 Ways To Tell Yourself Everything Will Be Fine @ APT Gallery, London

07/2017            Electronic Civil Disobedience: Screenings of Video Art 1993 - 2017 @ Res., London

05/2017           We’re All Involved In This Mess, EnclaveLab, London


11/2018             International Showcasing - Viewfinder, Videoclub, Curatorial Visit to S. Korea


05/2023         Biophobia Symposium, Cornell University, Ithaca

03/2021          Alice Scope: Speculative Futures, Agora Digital Art, London

12/2020          Lilia Ziamou: Digital Bodies as Narratives, Agora Digital Art, London

09/2020         Elif Eda: Can Digital Arts Make You Fall In Love?, Agora Digital Art, London

06/2018          'Here'...'There' / East & Southeast Asian Diasporic Art, Central Saint Martins, London


2021                  Interview in Imaging Migration in Post-war Britain, Routledge, London (forthcoming)

03/2021          "Alice Scope: Curating Speculative Futures", Agora Digital Art, London

12/2020          "Lilia Ziamou Creates Fragmented Bodies by Scanning Human Bones", Agora Digital Art, London

09/2020         "Ellie Niblock​ and ​Alaa Tarabzouni: Digital Art Across Borders", Agora Digital Art, London

09/2020        "Elif Eda: Can Digital Arts Help You Fall in Love?", Agora Digital Art, London

12/2018          "Highlights of the Gwangju and Busan Biennials, videoclub, London

01/2018          "They Are Here: 40 Temps, 8 Days", this is tomorrow, London

12/2017          "Collective Body", ICA, London

07/2017         "Out of Our Hands", MA Digital Culture Degree Show Catalogue, Goldsmiths, London

04/2017         "Technologies in Times of Turmoil", ICA, London

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